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Essential Supplies for Eliminating Pet Odors

Nasty pet odors are just one of the natural consequences you have to deal with when you own a pet. For some pet owners, getting rid of these odors is such a huge chore that takes up so much time and energy. That doesn’t always have to be the case, though. If you have the right supplies and use the right methods, eliminating pet odors can be a breeze.

If you want to simplify the task of cleaning up after your pet, the first thing you have to do is get the necessary products that will make your life easier. Here are some of those items you should buy the next time you go to the store:

Hydrogen Peroxide

You probably already have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your first aid kit because it is a common substance that people use for cuts and wounds. But few people realize that hydrogen peroxide is also excellent for getting rid of stains and odors left by pets around the house.

Liquid Dish Detergent

There may be some fancy stain-removing products out there you can use to eliminate pet odors and stains but often, all you really need is a regular liquid dish detergent. This is just as effective as most stain removers and usually so much cheaper. When mixed with warm water, liquid dish detergent can effectively get rid of pet stains and odors from carpets and furniture. It can also be used for removing other difficult stains such as grass and chocolate.

Air Purifier

Not all pet odors can be eliminated by washing the carpet or wiping the furniture in your house. Some of these odors are left suspended in the air even after you have done your cleaning. To get rid of such odors, you need an efficient air purifier. Generally, larger rooms require larger air purifiers. These handy devices are great not only for maintaining a fresh smell in your home but also for keeping it free from dust and other allergens in the air.

As you can see, there is really no need for special supplies or equipment to efficiently get rid of pet odors in the house. The supplies you need are common household items and they are inexpensive. However, you do have to carefully choose the brands you buy. Sometimes, you will have to invest in a slightly more expensive product to get higher quality performance but the extra cost is worth it if you want to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home at all times.

Additional Tips

Besides using the right products, there are a few other things you should keep in mind to ensure your home is always free from pet odors. One is to clean up your pet's mess right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of the odor. You can also train your pet to stay away from areas of the house you don't want to get dirty. Keep the doors to these rooms closed and if that is not possible, use pet gates or railings. You should also clean your home everyday to prevent odor and dirt buildup, which will be so much harder to clean.


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