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Bichon Frise

Bischon FriseIf you suffer from allergies, but want to have a dog, you may want to take a look at the Bichon Frise. This charming little dog's sole function is to provide companionship and it does its job extremely well.

The Bichon Frise is classified as a part of the Non-Sporting Group by the American Kennel Club. The Bichon is a seven to thirteen pound dog that stands only nine to eleven inches tall. These fluffy little dogs are known for their thick white coats and alert, cheerful eyes. The Bichon's tail is carried proudly over its back.

Bichons are a perfect choice for a family dog, as long as the children are old enough to know how to handle a dog without hurting it. Although your Bichon may tolerate rough treatment, he can easily be injured. These dogs get along well with older children, as well as dogs and other pets. 

Since the Bichon Frise loves to spend time with people, this breed is quite content with life in apartments or town homes. Of course, your dog won't object to a home with a fenced yard. If you don't have a fenced yard, you should be prepared to take your dog for a daily stroll around the block so he stays healthy and strong. windmill energy

Although Bichon Frises are small dogs and do not have stubborn tendencies, it is still a good idea to teach your puppy some basic obedience commands. If your Bichon ever runs out the front door and heads for the street, you will want to be sure that you can call him back to your side. Of course, you can teach him a few simple commands yourself, but puppy obedience classes can make training easier. In addition, these classes are a good way for you to teach your puppy socialization skills. Of course, once you begin obedience classes, your little guy's aptitude for obedience may just convince you to keep on learning. These dogs have a reputation for being incredibly intelligent. In fact, Bichons often perform as highly trained circus dogs.

Bichon Frises are not expensive to feed. Since small dogs often have dental problems, you may want to make sure that you use a dry food diet. If you decide to feed your puppy soft food, be sure you brush his teeth frequently.

The one drawback of the Bichon Frise breed is that these dogs need extensive grooming. You will need to brush out your Bichon's fluffy coat frequently or he will look like a ratty mop head instead of a beautiful, elegant little dog. You will also need to have his coat cut and shaped at least once a month. If you can't groom your dog yourself, this can become a major expense.

The good news is that Bichon Frises are a very healthy breed. This breed actually has no common health problems.

If you want a sweet and affectionate pet who doesn't cause you to break out in hives, then a Bichon Frise may just be the perfect dog breed for you and your family.

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